Epicurean London

This section represents a collection of my epicurean jaunts around London town covering restaurants, cafes, coffee bars, tapas bars, cocktail bars, delis and gourmet foodie experiences.

I’ve lived in London for 3 years now and am continuously excited and delighted by the culinary experiences the capital has to offer.

In the past I think the UK has copped a bad reputation for uninspiring food, but in London at least, such a view is both outdated and unfair. The London restaurant scene is pulsating with vibrance and energy and new independent restaurants and foodie experiences are popping up all over the place, giving the rather more staid national chains a run for their money.

One of the things I love about London is the neighbourhood gems you can stumble upon – local cafes dishing up incredible breakfasts, street-side vendors making a mean flat white, local markets selling the freshest produce and gourmet snacks. An epicurean experience doesn’t have be about central London, there are some amazing little finds dotted across the city, it’s all about knowing where to look.

So my promise to you is that everytime I go out for dinner or discover a new epicurean shop or experience that I rate, I’ll write about it here, so that you can try it out too. If you have any suggestions for places I should try out, then please do leave me a message!

Plum x

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