Dessert, Honkanese style

Craving something sweet? Black bean sesame dumplings not quite going to cut it? To the western palette, Asian desserts are sometimes a bit of a disappointment. Not true of the Hong Kong egg waffle however.  Street vendors across the city sell these delicious waffles for a song.  One place though has upped the ante, the somewhat bizarrely named Oddies Foodies in Wan Chai.  Here you can get your egg waffle with ice cream, banana, passion fruit and chocolate brownie! That little sugar concoction surely has to satisfy the sweetest of cravings? Enjoy!

Address: 149 Wan Chai Road 

Price: $55 

Go if: your blood sugar needs a kick 



Back in the blogging world and permanently hungry in Hong Kong

After a hiatus in which work got busy, I decided to do a part-time masters and then had a baby, I am now back in the blogging world! The news is, I’ve just moved to Hong Kong! This blog will therefore now document my food-focused adventures around Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. Hope you’re hungry!