De Beauvoir Deli

A short post to sing the praises of my local deli – This kind of shop is right up my street, both metaphorically and literally, which means that I frequent it often. It also reminds me of the fact that actually in many parts of the UK (and indeed London), a “local” deli is rather a thing of the past -instead we seem to be happy to buy our groceries from a Tesco Metro. I am glad to see that in this part of North London, the locals are bucking the trend and we have not only a local deli, but also local grocers and bakers too.

De Beauvoir Deli is literally bursting with delicousness and makes a welcome pit-stop on the otherwise quite empty Southgate Road – A conucopia of baked goods, coffees, teas, cheeses, pates, deli-wares, sandwiches, together with chilled pre-made lasagnes, hams, preserves etc. It’s the perfect place for picking up breakfast, a coffee on the run, or some deli goods for a picnic lunch or antipasti before a dinner party.

I’m clearly not the only fan either, as whenver I go in, the handful of tables have all been nabbed and a mixture of locals and passers by are browsing the wares.

I haven’t by any means sampled everything the deli has to offer, but my top recommendation is to try the portuguese custard tarts – divine!


Newington Green Fruit & Veg Shop

This place was my most exciting find when I moved to the area. It’s the type of shop I only imagined existed in country villages, and upper class market towns. But no, I have found an epicurean dream right in the centre of humble Newington Green.

This is not your average greengrocers – alongside the expected fruit and veg, it also stocks myriad dried fruits, fresh herbs, pickles, nuts, olive oils, antipasti, vanilla pods and eggs – and the best bit is the prices – SO reasonable. It’s pretty difficult to spend more than £10 (£15 on a real splurge) and yet the produce is so fresh and the quality a thousand times better than anyhting you’ll find in the supermarket. When I visit I’m usually there about half an hour just ooohing and ahhhing over the sheer variety of every vegetable and the vibrancy of the colours – no where else have I been in London where, for example, there are 4 different types of garlic, 5 different types of orange/clementine/satsuma, together with green courgettes, yellow courgettes and pretty much every member of the squash family represented AND someone on hand to ask you what you are looking for specifically and then recommend the most appropriate variety for what you are intending to cook!  For the record, when I was there on saturday I was after particularly strong garlic, in which case, I was advised, I should definitely go for the French garlic.  This shop is truly a gem if you love to cook with the freshest produce and handpick your own.

As well as the first class produce, reasonable prices and helpful service, Newington Green Fruit & Veg is open until around 10pm 7 days a week, meaning it is actually possible to shop here when you work city hours.