About Me

2012-12-09 15.52.59Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved food – shopping for it, cooking it, eating it.  I’m not a food snob or a food critic- this blog isn’t about Michelin starred restaurants and rare ingredients, it’s about sharing my passion for exploring new cities  one deli, restaurant and bar at a time.  It’s about sharing what I consider to be  the finer things in life- the smell (and taste!) of freshly brewed coffee, enjoying a glass of ice cold wine on a sunny summer’s afternoon,  cooking barefoot in the kitchen for  family and friends, rustling up surprise breakfasts in bed for my husband and delighting my taste buds dining out both at home in London and on my travels.  

Ultimately my dream would be to own my own deli/cafe-bar where brunch would be the main meal of the day! I hope that starting to chronicle my kitchen adventures and epicurean finds will be the first step on the ladder to building the confidence to seize the moment and turn my dream into a reality. So far it has taken a couple of years of encouragement (nagging) from my husband, experiments in my kitchen and exploration in London to psyche myself up to commit to writing this blog, which now means that I have a backlog of fab recipes to share and places I’ve eaten to write about. In starting this blog, I now have an excuse to revisit them all so that I can take picutres and write uptodate reviews. As I start out, content may be a bit sparse as unfortunately I’m not sure I can justify splurging all my hard earned cash on revisiting my favourite restaurants all in one go (tempting as it would be to eat out every night for a month!) But do keep checking back as I aim to update at least once a week!

My objective in writing this blog is simple, if I cooked something yummy, discovered a new deli or gourmet pop-up or enjoyed brunch/lunch/dinner etc out somewhere, I’ll write about it. If I didn’t have a great experience/wouldn’t go back or wouldn’t recommend a friend, I won’t write about it. I’m not a food critic and don’t pretend to be, I’m just a girl who lives to cook and to eat and likes to talk about what she ate with anyone who’ll listen! I should also note that where a recipe is inspired from someone else ‘s creations, I cite that on the relevant post. Often I read cookbooks or blogs for inspiration and then adapt the recipe to suit my tastes and where I do, I credit the original recipe. If I have used a recipe from a source in its original form, I will say so and credit that source. You are welcome to find your inspiration in my own recipes too, but if you do I would be grateful if you could likewise credit me and link back to my site, since all content is copyrighted.

So, in a nutshell, if you’ve ever avidly read the new restaurant reviews or listings in local magazines and guides, trawled blogs for reviews, salivated over a restaurant menu weeks before your reservation comes around or scoured the Internet for new ingredient combinations to brighten up a mid-week supper, hopefully you can add my blog to your go-to list and will enjoy reading about my latest foodie finds!

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Alternatively, my email address is anepicureanfeast@gmail.com

Plum x


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