Brunch at Oolaa

We had our first Hong Kong brunch experience the other weekend at Oolaa in Soho.  It’s a big, family friendly venue with a ton of highchairs, which always get a tick in my book these days.  It’s also possible to reserve tables, another bonus, and there is plenty of stroller space.

The menu includes the usual brunch staples of eggs benedict; cooked breakfast; smoked salmon and eggs, together with other more interesting items such as the breakfast burrito or breakfast bruschetta.  The children’s menu is also good value, eggs and soldiers was particularly popular with our little one and didn’t break the bank at only $30.

My husband has an obsession from which he cannot deviate at brunch: he must always try the eggs benedict.  The eggs benedict at Oolaa were an immediate winner, coming as they did with bacon rather than the traditioneggs benedictal ham.  Reportedly they were rather good.  I opted for the breakfast burrito, a belt-busting, yet soothing antidote to my (ever so slight) hangover from the night before.   Both our meals were good and on the money.

burrito 1

Oolaa delivers exactly what you would expect from a decent brunch menu – it doesn’t aim too high, but its brunch staples are well-executed. I can whole heartedly recommend it as a crowd-pleaser that won’t break the bank.  It may not be one of the big brash free-flow boozy brunches, but that’s a different category of Hong Kong brunch altogether and in my opinion, the day’s activity (at least, if you want to get your money’s worth).  In contrast, Oolaa is great to get that weekend morning fix ahead for the rest of the day’s plans.  Its varied menu, which includes lunch options, means that there should be something to please everyone.

Price: Brunch for two (including coffees/juice) $300-$400

Address: G/F Bridges Street, CentreStage, Midlevels, Hong Kong

    Tel: 2803-2083



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