My 2013 Restaurant Wishlist

Do you find yourself realising that there just isn’t enough time to visit all the restaurants you want to go to?   Since I moved to London in September 2009, and more importantly, since I started earning money (to spend on my foodie hobbies), there has been a plethora of amazing new restaurant openings and just not enough time to go to them all!  This year I’m creating a list (no doubt a working list which will continue to be added to and expanded upon), but for now this is my list of places that I’ve been meaning to go to for ages.  Some of them are clearly special occasion trips (i.e. Fat Duck), but others I’m sure could be justified on a week night.  This is in no particular order either, just a stream of consciousness.

1.  The Fat Duck

2. Dabbous

3. Mishkin’s

4. MeatLiquor (maybe I will try out MEATMission, as being in Hoxton, is nearer to home)

5. La Bodega Negra

6. The Ledbury

7.  Brasserie Zedel

8. Spuntino

9.  Hawksmoor

10.  Pig & Butcher

11. Corner Room

12. Upstairs at the Ten Bells




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