Poached Eggs with Bubble and Squeak

Homa is on Church Street in Stoke Newington and serves mediterranean style food and pizzas, along with a 10-4pm brunch (until 3 pm on saturdays) at the weekend.  I’d say that Homa is a most definitely a solid bet for a more upscale brunch if you happen to be in the area.   Being a little out in the sticks for some, it also has a neighbourhood-vibe and Church Street is definitely fun for a pre or post poke around the shops.  In fact there are several other cafes along the street which look like likely contenders for an afternoon cake and coffee stop, which I will have to return to try on another occasion.

The menu at Homa is quite short, with a few sweet options including pastries and granola and a particularly tempting sounding french toast with poached pears and honey yoghurt (I saw this go out and it looked yummy!). On this occasion however, we opted for a savoury dish each – I went for burrata, polenta, spinach, mushroom and slow cooked egg and my husband had poached eggs with bubble and squeak, cured bacon and a rich and creamy hollandaise. Another contender was the lamb sausages with spicy chickpeas, but today felt like an egg day and so the decision was made.

The combination of polenta, burrata and egg (with a beautiful bright orange yolk postively bursting out of the white before I cut into it) was perfect and felt very indulgent. The polenta was a fat golden square of heart-warming comfort food – squidgy on the inside with a crispskin.   Taking a forkful of polenta and slice of burrata was both rich and satisfying.  The spinach and mushrooms also helped to make me feel that there was at least some healthy (and not purely indulgent) element to my breakfast.

Burrata with polenta, slow-cooked egg, spinach & mushrooms

Burrata with polenta, slow-cooked egg, spinach & mushrooms

My husband’s poached eggs and bubble and squeak was another accomplished dish – perfectly poached eggs and a decent hollandaise.  The bubble and squeak was slightly blander than we had anticipated, but nevertheless a comforting accompaniment to mop up the egg yolks.  The bacon was perhaps the star of this dish – really thick slices of salty-sweet bacon added a delicious flavour. 

All in all I would recommend Homa as a solid Stoke Newington choice and since we are local, we will definitely be back.  It’s always nice to know you have somewhere like this a shot walk from hom.   The brunch menu isn’t as innovative as the approach taken in the antipodean brunch places across London, but the standards are comparable and the dishes perhaps more focussed on traditional favourites with a twist.

 The clientele is young professionals and families, but the prices are reasonable (brunch at around £6-£10 a dish).  It would also be worth coming here for dinner or a weekend lunch, as the pizzas and dishes coming out on the table next to us looked excellent.   

Epicurean Wrap-up

What we had: brunch and coffee/juice (£27 including service)

Go if:  you are local/you want to explore a new part of London with good food along the way

Getting there: 73 Bus to Stoke Newington Church Street (from Kings Cross) or any number of buses up Kinglsand Road from Dalston

Address: 71-73 Stoke Newington Church Street

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