Eggs Milk Butter

This is a teeny tiny independent corner cafe/coffee shop that opened up about 3-4 months ago on the corner of Tottenham Road and Southgate Road in De Beauvoir/Islington. Eggs, Milk, Butter serves decent coffee at pretty standard prices – e.g. £2 for my standard order of americano with a healthy double kick of espresso. There are also slabs of fresh cake, croissants and muffins on the counter and a short breakfast menu (including avocado on toast, baked eggs, museli etc at very reasonable prices under or around a fiver). For those who live at the top end of Balls Pond Road and in favour of supporting local independent ventures (as opposed to the Costas and Starbucks of this world), it is worth taking note of this new caffeine hub in an otherwise empty stretch of Southgate Road.

Of further interest, the USP of Eggs, Milk, Butter (if this is your thing) is that it holds a selection of comic books to browse through. Whilst interesting to skim whilst waiting for your order, the coffee is enough of a draw for me on its own (along with it being very conveniently located right by my house). I plan to return very soon to try out the breakfast too.


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