De Beauvoir Deli

A short post to sing the praises of my local deli – This kind of shop is right up my street, both metaphorically and literally, which means that I frequent it often. It also reminds me of the fact that actually in many parts of the UK (and indeed London), a “local” deli is rather a thing of the past -instead we seem to be happy to buy our groceries from a Tesco Metro. I am glad to see that in this part of North London, the locals are bucking the trend and we have not only a local deli, but also local grocers and bakers too.

De Beauvoir Deli is literally bursting with delicousness and makes a welcome pit-stop on the otherwise quite empty Southgate Road – A conucopia of baked goods, coffees, teas, cheeses, pates, deli-wares, sandwiches, together with chilled pre-made lasagnes, hams, preserves etc. It’s the perfect place for picking up breakfast, a coffee on the run, or some deli goods for a picnic lunch or antipasti before a dinner party.

I’m clearly not the only fan either, as whenver I go in, the handful of tables have all been nabbed and a mixture of locals and passers by are browsing the wares.

I haven’t by any means sampled everything the deli has to offer, but my top recommendation is to try the portuguese custard tarts – divine!


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